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Play + Philanthropy

We at The Go Game believe in the power of joy, compassion, goofiness and strong communities. Over the years we’ve developed three programs to reflect these values: Giving Back Games, Community Games and Charitable Donations.

Join us as we build a world where fun, generosity, and positive social engagement all play on the same team! 

Giving Back Games

Corporate clients can add a charitable component to their team-building game by opting into our Giving Back program. Our game producers will work with your team to select a local charity, and work within your budget to purchase needed goods from the charity’s wishlist. During the game, our actors will have pre-purchased donations that players can win and collect while playing. Teams with the most collected items at the end of the game will win bonus points! Afterwards, all donations go to the charity parter, and the game culminates in a presentation about their incredible work. Just let us know the charity you’d like to support! Here are some organizations we’ve supported in the past:

Interested in bringing a Giving Back Game to your team? Let us know!

Community Games

In addition to our corporate partner program, we give in-kind donations by offering our time, our talents, and our expertise to wonderful organizations. In our perfect world, anyone can play The Go Game, anytime, anywhere. In many respects, that was the original vision of The Go Game. We honor that vision by running games at a reduced or no cost for groups who couldn’t otherwise afford to pay for a Go Game. Every year, we run at least twelve free or reduced-fee events for organizations that do great work and need team-building too! We’ve run some incredible events for camps, youth-serving agencies, foundations, and a host of other non-profit agencies. In addition to directly donating games, we’ve run free games in support of organizations, to raise money through live and silent auctions, corporate philanthropic donations, and community contributions. In 2011 we launched our Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Games – a interactive events designed to increase community resilience through play! For more information on community games, or for an application to become a non-profit partner, email

Charitable Donations

We’ve mentioned that ‘Giving Back’ is something that’s important to us as individuals as well as a company. One of the best things about working for The Go Game is that the company empowers its employees to support worthy causes through our yearly holiday donations. At the end of each year, each Go Game employee gets to choose one or more nonprofits to receive a substantial charitable donation.