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Capoeira-themed Scavenger Hunt

Join Mestre Urubu and the capoeiristas of Ijexa for a high-tech Capoeira-themed scavenger hunt and open roda on Saturday March 14th. 

What is this? A game, a fundraiser, an excuse to play capoeira in the streets.

Why are we doing this? To help raise funds for the 2015 Ijexa Batizado, Festa Do Folklore Brasilero and Kid’s Events. 

How does this work? This is a smartphone-fueled urban adventure that combines The Amazing Race, with Jeopardy, with Only The Strong. Players are split up into teams and each team receives challenges on their smartphones that send them around the Mission in San Francisco. Some challenges are location-based clues or puzzles hidden in plain sight. Some missions incorporate “secret agents” stationed around the neighborhood. Some missions require you to capture ridiculous stuff on camera. At the end of the game, we will host an open roda, vote on the photos & videos and give out prizes. 

Where: Project Commotion –  2095 Harrison Street, SF CA

When: Saturday March 14th 

Tickets: Buy them HERE (100% of the ticket sales go to Capoeira Ijexa programs)


Do I have to be a capoeirista to play? Nope. 

Is there an age limit to play? Nope. 

What should I bring? Comfortable clothes, walking shoes, your game face.

Questions? Email

Come with a team of 3-6 people, or join a team when you arrive!

Produced by Capoeira Ijexa and The Go Game