The Go Game Goes to Summer Camp äó_and shares how to bring camp to your office!

Here at The Go Game, weäó»re all about bringing more play and connection to the world. So when we learned about Camp Grounded, we felt that a natural partnership was bound to form.

To kick off that partnership, we became a sponsor for this yearäó»s camp, sent a few of our awesome team members to check it out, and brought our infamous zorb balls with us for a little fun.

Going to camp got us thinking about small ways YOU can bring some summer camp fun to your own office:

  1. When you need to create nametags, use a superhero name or a nickname instead of your own. I mean, wouldnäó»t you smile if someone introduced herself to you as äóìBeyoncí©äó (not ironically)? Or äóìAlways Hungryäó?
  2. Answer emails to co-workers with an animated GIF. There are so many good ones! Like this one, when you want to congratulate someone on a job well done:
  3. Stage an office chair race at lunch.
  4. äóìStealth-discoäó a coworker on a conference call: Sneak behind an unsuspecting colleague and dance behind them while another coworker takes a quick video on their phone.Œæ
  5. Take a quick play-break for trivia (there are lots of great questions online).ξ
  6. Buy a hula hoop and keep it near your desk. If you absolutely canäó»t leave your computer because youäó»re expecting an urgent email, or youäó»re a salesperson who answers phones, then you can simply stand up and hula hoop for 2 minutes. Itäó»s not only fun, but over time your abs will look AMAZING.
  7. To show one of your coworkers that you appreciate him or her, make a simple scavenger hunt that takes that person around the office. You can leave paper clues in planters, under someoneäó»s keyboard, behind the coffee machine, or taped to a bathroom stall. Finish it off with a small gift, like a hand-written card that expresses your gratitude to be able to work with them.

And if you can, just take yourself to camp! Camp Grounded is hosting more sessions this summer, and is already selling tickets for their Northern California camp in 2016. You wonäó»t regret it!

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