Monthly Archives: July 2015

Get Ready… Go Game Style

The experts are saying we might experience an earthquake any day now and that it will devastate the coastal Northwest. Oof. 

Preparedness is an issue is very near and dear to our hearts – which is why we started producing Disaster Preparedness Games a few years ago. But if you don’t have time to play one of our games between now and whenever this darn earthquake arrives, never fear. We compiled a basic guide to getting prepared…. GO GAME STYLE. 

1) Pack an emergency kit! Best to have it at home, in the car, AND at the office. Check out for a comprehensive list of supplies

But psssst want to know the most important item? Comfort food! At The Go Game Office, we go straight for the peanut butter and sprinkles, but for you it could be chocolate or sunflower seeds. Go ahead and stash whatever treat makes you feel a little better when you’ve had a scary day. 

2) Coordinate a meet-up location with your close friends and family. Then come up with a Plan B! (costumes optional)

3) When the shaking starts, drop to the floor, find cover (like a sturdy table), and hold on! Behold, our Go Game mascot Zona demonstrates: 

Those are the basics. Don’t worry – you got this! We are all rooting for you.