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Secret Agents Needed!

The Go Game is coming to Japan, and we’re looking for actors to work in one of our high-tech, high-energy games we’re running on January 22nd in Nagoya.

While you don’t necessarily need to be professionally trained, we DO require our actors to be fun, outgoing, reliable, punctual, comfortable interacting with strangers, and willing to look silly in public.  Roles include Batman, undercover street musicians, spies, bawling brides, pirates, sad cowboys, and many more!  The idea is that you are planted in the game zone as a secret agent for teams to find and interact with.  You might have a task, a clue, a password, or a story for teams as they go about their adventure.  Whatever it is, your job is to make sure the players have fun, and we guarantee you’ll have fun too.  For more information on the Go Game in general, visit our website at

If you’re available for our upcoming game, please go to the ‘jobs’ area of our website (, and fill out an actor profile thoroughly.  We use these profiles to make our casting decisions, so the more information you give us about your skills, acting background, and costumes, the better!  Please include at least one, if not more, recent pictures of yourself.   AFTER you have filled out a plant profile, email to let us know you’re available and have completed a profile.  I’ll get back to you within a day as to whether you’ve been cast in our game.

Date: January 22nd

Location: Nagoya Japan

Time: 1-4pm

Thanks in advance!