Partnership for 2016: Camp Grounded!

At The Go Game, we’re all about bringing more playfulness to the adult world and using it to forge more meaningful, memorable connections.

That’s why we love Camp Grounded — because they bring adults together to unplug, play and reconnect. All in a beautiful setting with amazing programming.

This year, we’re partnering with Camp Grounded again to help produce an epic day of Color Wars at each and every camp this summer.

During Color Wars, players are divided into either two or four teams- blue, red, yellow, or green- where they compete in contests, games, and relay races for points awarded from our very official judges. We’re talking sock wrestling, book balancing, pie eating and other ridiculous competitions.

The first round of contests is performed on a large field where all the teams can come together. After everyone has roared their cheers and sized each other up, the teams are split up into different stations to compete in smaller events. These can include dodgeball, a scavenger hunt, even something as mellow as puzzle-making. There’s something for everyone!

The Color Wars finale is an outrageous demonstration of human absurdity. Volunteers from each team compete head-to-head to do a variety of things you’ve never imagined since you watched Double Dare on Nickelodean. (For anyone not born between 1980-1990, you can check this reference here).

If you can make it to one of the sessions, come play with us. Check out the dates/locations on their site!

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