Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why is Play So Important?!

Our allies at NPR and TED talks have compiled a solid collection of episodes about PLAY and its power to change us, including Go Game alum Jane McGonigal. Take a listen!

Empathy, spectacle, learning, development — can all improve through game play. Do you know of other fascinating studies about games? Send ’em our way!

Daybreakers Loves The Go Game – Hungry Hungry Hipsters

Thanks to DayBreakers for inviting The Go Game to produce a version of Hungry Hungry Hippose we called Hungry Hungry Hipsters.  This one was at Macy’s in San Francisco for their insanely fun Holiday Party. 

The Go Game in Panama at Kalu Yala

Over New Years, Finn Kelly went down to Kalu Yala, an eco resort in central Panama.  Here, we staged a unique slow game for many of the participants. There was no connectivity, but that was not a problem for our software as the game can run in offline mode as well.  Teams giggled and competed for an hour before engaging in a stimulating discussion on the merits of play and the various tools we use to deliver our brand of fun.  Here’s a few of the photos.