Your physcial therapist could prescribe video-games!

The Go Game is always looking for brand new ways to incorporate cool interactive technology into our games and simulations. Technologies like Augmented Reality and sensors that collect external information are inching out of science fiction and into our daily lives. At the Go Game, we’re interested in how we can put these types of technologies into use in our games. Many have begun to see how they can improve lives with a fusion of games and technology. MIRA (Medical Interactive Recovery Assistant), is a software that has melded technology, health, and — our favorite! — games.

Many patients (such as Cosmin Mihaiu, the founder of MIRA) find their physiotherapy exercises fantastically dull and unappealing. On top of this, physical therapy and rehabilitation after an injury can be both physically and emotionally draining. MIRA’s software helps recovering patients actually have fun while completing exercises that help them regain control over their bodies. The system operates on existing hardware, so it is accessible for immediate use by doctors, and hopefully patients will soon be using it at home. The system transforms existing physical therapy exercises into video games that give patients instant feedback and positive reinforcement. An external sensor tracks the patient’s progress, and sends the information straight to their physical therapist. In an interview Mihaiu said that, “patients stay entertained and feel rewarded as they watch themselves advance from level to level, gathering points and so on. They feel like they’re making progress — and of course, by doing the exercises, they actually are!” Disguising physical therapy as video games inspires patients to work through their recovery faster, while having more fun!

Innovations like MIRA  combine blend games and technology to fuel positive healing and growth. We already love games because they are fun and entertaining. Now, with advances in technology like MIRA’s sensitive motion-detecting sensors  – and the creativity to use them well – we can amplify the power of play and its effects.

So what do you think? At the Go Game, we see technology as an opportunity to improve individual growth and strengthen human connections. We’re playing with how to fully employ these kinds of new technologies in our newest projects. How do you want to see kinetic sensors, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other cutting-edge technology used in games? Let us know!

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