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Wildfire Preparedness Game 2017

From August 1 – 14th, we are inviting families across Amador and Calaveras County to participate in a fun interactive Wildfire Preparedness Game. This game is free, open to the public, and designed for all ages! Winners will be eligible for awesome local prizes. 

In this game, families will complete creative challenges related to:

  1. Home & Property Fire-Proofing
  2. Family Communication Plans
  3. Evacuation Strategies
  4. Go Bags & Emergency Kits

The game can be played anywhere, at any time!. You can play the game on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone (all you need is cellphone reception or wifi). You can play for as long or as short as you like, you can start and stop whenever you like, but keep in mind it may take a few hours to complete the entire game. Points will be awarded based on number of missions completed, humor, brilliance, and creativity! 

Winners will be announced via email, so if you would like to be eligible to win prizes, please submit your email address when prompted in the game. 

How to play?

If you have an iPhone or Android, go to the app store and search for an free app called: thegogame (no spaces). Look for the orange logo. Found it? Great! Download it. The password is tio.

If you want to play on your Desktop, go to The password is tio.

Feel free to log in now if you like, but the game won’t be live until August 1st!

We also recommend you download the CAL FIRE Ready For Wildfire appIt is not required to play the game, but it might help you win! It’s also a great resource for people who don’t want to play the game but want to receive tips, alerts and resources for local wildfires.

Why are we doing this?

This is a free community game organized by Jenny Gottstein. The goal of this game is to share local preparedness resources and build community resilience in a way that is engaging, memorable and fun! Wildfires are terrifying, but preparing for them doesn’t have to be…

A few years ago we produced a Wildfire Preparedness Game in Volcano and it was a huge success. You can see photos from that event here. But this year, we wanted to design a game that could be played by families throughout the two counties. Because after all, resilience is a team effort.

What is The Go Game? 

The Go Game designs high-tech adventure games around the world. Since 2001, we’ve produced over 16,000 games for over 1.5 million players in 25 countries. Our games are used for training, tourism, marketing, team-building, education and just pure fun. Learn more about our play here:

In 2010, we organized the first Earthquake Preparedness Game in San Francisco, and since then have brought interactive Disaster Preparedness Games to communities, organizations and companies around the country. With the extreme drought conditions and alarming wildfires in California, we are hoping to support resilience and preparedness efforts in rural communities through play.

Want to get involved? 

It takes ALL HANDS ON DECK to prepare for a wildfire, and we are actively looking for individuals / organizations that would like to offer their feedback and resources to make this community game a success. If you have tips, resources, suggestions or questions please reach out to 

We are also looking for people to help us spread the word to families in Amador and Calaveras, and for local prize sponsors. If you can help in either capacity, be in touch!




Stay Cool In The Summer with The Go Game

Sometimes playing in the sun is not always that fun. It can be a lot of work to convince your team to PLAY in the heat. Don’t worry, you don’t have to push your team event off until winter.  We’ve got a handful of games that are a guaranteed good time, regardless of the summer weather outside.

Game Show

Step right up and get those buzzers ready for our Go Game Show! This blend of Family Feud meets Minute to Win it meets Not So Newlyweds will have your team floored with laughter from the get-go. Our witty Go Game hosts will test your team’s knowledge on pop culture, random facts and even company-centric trivia.

Mystery Puzzle Game

Who done it? We don’t know! Grab your notebook and magnifying glasses to help us crack one of America’s most unsolvable mystery puzzles of who killed Zachary Taylor. As leading cryptologists, your team will work through a series of artifact puzzles to figure out one of America’s greatest mysteries.

Indoor Lawn Games

They say the grass is always greener in an air-conditioned space. Bring the fun of our outdoor lawn games inside! All you need is a large indoor space and a minimum of 50 people and you’ll be playing favorites like Tug of War and Giant Jenga in no time.

Leave the sunscreen at home and take a look at our favorite indoor games. Email our sales team to book your summer team building event today.